Core Business Skills

Structured Problem Solving

How to better understand the problem and its context before diving in to find a solution. You will learn ways to break down the problem or issue into sub-issues and derive a work approach to address the issue. Particularly relevant to all in a strategic function or consulting environment.

Structured Writing

How to structure your communication based on your audience’s requirements. This course teaches the pyramid principle. You will learn tools and techniques which can be applied to all forms of written communication (emails, business presentations, cover letters, etc.). An invaluable course for anyone pursuing a career in business.

Facilitation Skills

How to guide your audience through a series of techniques to help them achieve their goals in a more efficient way. This includes moderation and stimulation skills as well as the ability to resolve group conflict in a meeting.

Presentation Skills

How to maximise impact on your audience through effective use of voice, body language, gestures and ability to handle questions.